You can pay online simply and safely at, thanks to our payment system from Buckaroo.  

Payment methods 

We currently accept most commonly used payment methods in the Netherlands thanks to the Buckaroo payment system.   

  • iDeal is a highly trusted – and therefore also the most used – payment system in the Netherlands.  
  • Credit Cards: we also support payment by Mastercard and Visa, the two most common credit cards in the Netherlands. Products paid for by credit card are insured for 180 days against accident, loss or theft. 
  • SEPA Direct debit is a trusted B2B payment method. It can be used for one-off or periodic payments. With the introduction of digital permissions (eMandate), an initial iDeal transaction is no longer necessary to verify your bank number.  Online authentication takes place immediately. 
  • Bank transfer (SEPA Credit Transfer), is a trusted payment method for national and international payments. With SEPA Credit Transfer you can simply and safely transfer money between euro-denominated bank accounts without lengthy transfer periods. 
  • Unsuccessful payment 

    If – during an order or during payment of an invoice – you receive a message to say that your payment was unsuccessful, please contact the help desk directly. 

    Please have the following information ready: 

    • Payment method used 
    • Invoice or order number, if known 
    • The error message you received. 
  • Refunds 

    If you are not satisfied and wish to have a refund, please contact the helpdesk. We will take care of any quality issues and provide an appropriate solution. 

  • Reverse Charge VAT - 0% VAT

    The products presented on this website are the property of Cargill NV. Upon completion of your order, your goods will be shipped from a warehouse in the Netherlands. The invoices issued by Cargill NV in this regard are subject to Dutch VAT legislation. Cargill NV is registered in Belgium and therefore does not apply VAT to businesses (VAT-)registered in the Netherlands. The following reference is included on all Cargill NV invoices: “VAT applied on the basis of Article 12 paragraph 3 of the Turnover Tax Act 1968.”